We are proud to
stand out from the crowd

We're a group of highly skilled and supremely enthusiastic developers, product designers and talent acquisition specialists who love to spend time together, working hard on projects or just hanging out. We are smart, weird, fun and above all, we're a team and want to see each other succeed personally and professionally.

Our values hold us accountable to be the very best company we can be

We Iterate To Success - Success isn't a straight line. We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them to move us closer to where we want to go.

We Encourage Personal Growth - Behind every great company are great people. We support employees to become the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally.

We Say What We Think - We're honest and we think that ideas, praise, and feedback can, and should, come from everyone within FatCat Coders. Regardless of team or title, all knowledge and enthusiasm is welcome and appreciated.

We Go The Extra Mile - We believe in going above and beyond, whether that's solving internal challenges or serving our customers.

...All While Having Fun - Work doesn't have to be a "grind". Nor does it have to be boring. We believe good work comes from having fun - not in spite of it.