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We’re skilled engineers who understand the world of business very well. That’s why our focus is always on your business needs, not fancy tech or shiny buttons.
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Our strongest suits

We thrive on complex projects and love challenges because we believe that every problem has a solution if you are creative enough.
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UX and Interface Design
We specialize in user experience research and user interface design with the aim to make your application both beautiful and user-friendly.
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JavaScript Development
Using JavaScript as our primary language, we can create your mobile, web, and desktop applications, as well as scalable back-end technologies and much more.
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We also have vast experience with:

E-commerce in Magento

E-commerce in SalesForce Commerce Cloud

Cloud Back-End API Development

Website Development in WordPress

We build applications the right way

Best practices are paramount throughout our process. We build scalable applications using component-based architecture, because we want to make sure that your applications are simple to maintain, easy to extend, and that they function brilliantly.
User testing and iterative design process
Living style guides and documented component library
Functional and unit tests with measured code coverage
Component-based architecture
Continuous integration
Advanced CSS & HTML
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We are the perfect technological development partner for companies that look to:
Prototype their ideas in a fast and smart manner
Redesign existing IT products or develop new ones
Expand and scale expert teams
Enhance quality and innovate
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Payment models

We offer 3 payment models for application development

Hourly Rate

We estimate the project according to our standard of minimum and maximum hours.

Fixed Price

A product-owner proposes the budget and we provide the specification of what can be done for that budget.

Monthly Fixed Fee

A fixed monthly budget is agreed based on the complexity of the project and the number of experts involved in it.


We would love to hear about your next project and discuss how we can make you succeed
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