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Dejan Velimirović
Dejan Velimirović FatCat
Dejan VelimirovićAvailable for part-time hire
Full-Stack Developer
19+ years of experience
A versatile full-stack architect with extensive experience, adept at leading projects architecture, innovating in web technologies, and driving change through diverse expertise and entrepreneurial spirit.
Enjoy Good Health
“Dejan consistently demonstrates his commitment to exceeding expectations. His problem-solving skills are exceptional, and he inspires confidence in his ability to deliver results.” Founder @Enjoy Good Health
per hour
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Aleksa Steić
Aleksa Stević FatCat
Aleksa StevićAvailable for full-time hire
React/Node.js Developer
4+ years of experience
Self-managed developer capable of fast delivery and good code quality. Thrives on tackling complex challenges, consistently delivering tailored, effective solutions to meet diverse requirements.
Direct Media
“Aleksa never considers anything too difficult. He handles everything successfully, never says something misleading, and communicates clearly.” Head of Creative @Direct Media
45 - €55
per hour
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Luka Patarčić
Luka Patarčić FatCat
Luka PatarčićAvailable for full-time hire
React/Node.js Developer
5+ years of experience
Passionate programmer with a strong tech lead background; excels in team leadership, mentorship, architecture design, and continuous learning. Committed to code quality and innovation in web and mobile development spaces.
“I appreciate the dedication and expertise that Luka brought to our project. His thorough research and commitment to identifying and implementing the most effective solutions to our challenges truly exceeded our expectations.” Project Manager @Calendly
55 - €65
per hour
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