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What we offer


Whether you need a regular online shop or AI software, we will deliver. Our approach to outsourcing products and services is to act as if they were one of our own.

Our process

Building amazing apps is a long-term commitment.

Through years of experience, it’s only natural to create a project pattern that works like a charm. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow it, as we are flexible and always pay special attention to your needs. Here’s what we think is a good structure for building an application from scratch.

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Requirements gathering and analysis

This is the initial and the most important step in the process, where you introduce us to your ideas, requests, and expectations.

Following, we document the gathered information into the product specification, which helps our team get an idea of which technologies would be best suited for the application’s development.
Once we cover the essentials, you receive a time estimate for the defined scope of work, alongside an offer.

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UX & UI design

Next up - the visual presentation of how the application’s interface would look like.

You will get mockups displaying how text, graphics, and all the other elements will fit the structure.
We pay special attention to the UX design, making sure that all the screens are intuitive and easy to use.
All of that results in a great UI for your product!

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Frontend and backend development

After the approval of the design and interface, our dev team takes over, with all the necessary UI/UX elements and kits.

They create both the server-side and the client-side parts of the app, through frontend and backend coding.

You will be able to regularly check up on their progress, submit change requests, and openly discuss your thoughts and ideas.

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Testing and QA

Between development and deployment, comes iterative quality assurance.

We make sure that the application is running smoothly, with no bugs, and according to your requested specifications, to detail.

You get a full range of manual and automated testing services, such as integrations, scalability, security, and usability.

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Release your project to the world

Finally, the big moment arrives!

Our team sets the whole infrastructure while ensuring that the launch goes smoothly.
Then, we release the project, making it officially available for use, and wait excitedly to see the results of our combined efforts.

Continuous integration
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Long-term support and future upgrades

Even after everything is put in motion, you will still have our full support.

That includes future modifications and updates of the application, such as adding or removing features, data migration, design updates, etc.

Our areas of expertise

As years passed, our experience in a wide range of areas grew proportionally. Take a look at only some of the industries we specialize in.

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Title insurance
Title insurance
CMS oriented marketing sites
CMS oriented marketing sites
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Why FatCat Coders, among many others?

We build reliable, high-quality apps and offer the whole package: a team of true experts in their area. Apart from the clean code and complete devotion to everything we do, here are a few more things that make us stand out.



Everything is straightforward and precise, from the very beginning of our cooperation.

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Reliability and meeting deadlines

Once we set the target date, you can rest assured that we will deliver your app on time.

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We love challenges

Our team is always hungry for new and demanding projects to take on.

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Commitment to your product’s success

We love what we do and take full liability for it.

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Product development of an e-commerce mobile app

VitaMed is an e-commerce mobile application that offers various types of medical products.

Tech Stack:
React NativeElasticsearchSaleorReactNode.js

The challenge

Our team built this application from the ground up. The most effort went into making it smart, functional, fast, and easy to use. The app should enable users to find the best appropriate medicine for themselves by inputting their symptoms, brand names, or active ingredients into the search box.


Complex systems like these require thorough architecture planning from the very start. To tackle the challenge, we implemented a smart Search functionality, by using ElasticSearch. Moreover, the application is integrated with Stripe, Apple pay, Google pay, Shippo, Twilio, and TaxJar, which makes everything run smoothly.

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VitaMed site preview
VitaMed icon
Product development of an e-commerce mobile appVitaMed is an e-commerce mobile application that offers various types of medical products.Tech Stack:
React NativeElasticsearchSaleorReactNode.js
See our tech stack


If you are a company looking for one of the following:
  1. Planet bullet 1Prototyping ideas in a fast and smart manner
  2. Planet bullet 2Redesigning existing IT products or developing new ones
  3. Planet bullet 3Expanding and scaling expert teams
  4. Planet bullet 4Enhancing the quality and innovation
Then, we are the perfect technological development partner for you.

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