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FlyThere - showcaseLogo FlyThere - showcase

Responsive Web Application Design and Development

Our team worked alongside FlyThere to design and develop a web application that is about real-time drone control. Our team built a fast, responsive application with server-side rendering, improved real-time drone communication, and video presentation, and radically improved user experience.

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Film And TV - showcaseLogo Film And TV - showcase

Mobile Application Design and Development

We partnered with the FILMANDTV.com team to build a modern discovery service to enable users to connect with their favorite streaming services. The responsibility of FatCat Coders was to provide a front-end solution that would have the capabilities of a complex app and also enable content to be served with good SEO in mind. The result was increasing of user traffic to seventy times initial levels, with an upward trajectory in evidence.

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ETP Market - showcaseLogo ETP Market - showcase

Responsive Web Application Development

With backend logic provided by the ETP market team, our team developed a web market simulation platform. The application used virtual machines to create exchanges that the user could configure for his needs. Because of the web sockets and optimised table our team created application could simulate the fast-paced changes that are happening in the real markets. Besides that, we developed a modern marketing website that is used as an entry point to the application.

Pamono - showcaseLogo Pamono - showcase

Mobile Application Development

We worked with the PAMONO team to create an e-commerce mobile application. Our team worked on a mobile application using React Native, Redux Reselect, and React - Navigation and reimplemented their payment system with Stripe. The result was significantly increased conversion, longer mobile shopping sessions, with an overall improved experience on a modern mobile platform.

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Piston Vault - showcaseLogo Piston Vault - showcase

Responsive Web Application Development

We helped PistonVault to build a highly secure web app for storing cryptocurrencies. Together, we made a solution that delivers cryptographic wallets that are simultaneously cold and hot. Combined with the Piston Platform, mobile, and web applications, Piston Vault addresses the requirements of institutional investors, funds, retail investors, and traditional custodians.

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Time Track - showcaseLogo Time Track - showcase

Mobile Application Design and Development

Our team developed time-tracking application for our own needs. This process included wireframing, prototyping, and mobile interface design, as well as full application development. The application is completely built in React Native.


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We developed this interesting game that can be played solo or with a friend. 6 dices, 10 columns, all you need to do is to use them well and to get the highest total score
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100 Boxes
This is our company's coding exercise and a fun game where the goal is to click on all 100 boxes with a predefined pattern of available fields to click on.

Ux and Interface Design

Responsive Website Design

We designed the entire sales process user experience for an e-commerce site specialized in selling printers. This project required branding identity development, wireframing, prototyping, and interface design.

Responsive Website Design

Designing a web app for online music classes with UX as the top priority. To achieve the best results, we built low- and high-fidelity wireframes. Following this phase, we developed a virtual prototype and ultimately created an amazing UI.

Branding and identity

Logo design, branding and identity development

Our team developed the visual identity for a housing company that builds homes for people with special needs. The process included logo design, creating the brand identity, business cards, and a professional style guide.

Logo design, branding and identity development

We created the visual identity for an innovative, luxury brand that is a pioneer in the production of unique fashion accessories and jewelry made of pure gold.

The process included logo design, packages design, and a professional style guide.


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