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Talent matters, as well as personality and culture fit. Acquiring the right talent is the key to the growth of your business and doing so is not always an easy job. Our goal is to help you build amazing tech, creative and digital teams. On a budget and on time.
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We are both psychologists and developers, and that’s why we know how important it is to find the right talent. For us, that means focusing not only on the tech side of the skills but also on understanding your company culture and finding people who will be predisposed to succeed in the environment such as your company and help it excel.
We understand technology
We understand your company’s needs
We invest time in technical and soft skills assessment of the candidate
We save your time by providing you with a full and detailed report of the assessments
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Sourcing the Right Talent

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Full Technical Testing

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Detailed Personality Assessment

Having this approach in the selection process we are able to work fast and accurately, sending you only the people who are the best match for your company's needs, saving you both time and money.


We take our business seriously and we develop several in-house tools to help you navigate better through the whole process. With our tools you'll be able to:
Track candidates in the real time
Skip some steps and speed up the process
Have a real-time discussion about the candidates with our recruiters and developers
Receive real-time emails/notifications about the changes/updates to the candidates in the funnel
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Upon a successful hire we charge a fee based on the candidate's monthly NET salary and guarantee package of your choosing. The guarantee means that if the candidate quits we will find you a new one without additional charge.
1.5 NET salaries

3 months guarantee

Low priority

in the selection process

2 NET salaries

6 months guarantee

Medium priority

in the selection process

2.5 NET salaries

9 months guarantee

High priority

in the selection process

3 NET salaries

12 months guarantee

Highest priority

in the selection process


Let us find you an opportunity to learn and grow.
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