Tech stack

High-performance development by default.

Using JavaScript as our primary language, we're creating fast and scalable applications with minimum loading time.

Our experience extends to a range of different technologies

Problem-solvers by nature, we are comfortable with any technology. We have accumulated some preferences over time since some of them enable the best performance to all the apps we build.

Build with us
ReactReact NativeGatsbyNext.js
Node.js (Express.js, Nest.js)
03Databases and CMS-es
04Servers and Cloud
AWS (Services)Azure (Services)Digital Ocean (services)GCP (Services)
Algolia searchesElasticsearchRedis
Saleor (E-commerce)iOS (React native)Android apps (React native)
Lottie animationsSVG’sWebRTC
Sockets ( or WebSocket)Twilio APIs and toolsStripe
Algolia searchesElasticsearchRedisSaleor (E-commerce)iOS (React native)Android apps (React native)Lottie animationsSVG’sWebRTCSockets ( or WebSocket)Twilio APIs and toolsStripe

Development process that is guided by best practices

Our goal is to create applications that are easy to maintain, simple to extend, and superbly functional, which is why we stay on top of and practice some of the latest development best practices.

  1. Planet bullet 1
    User testing and iterative design process
  2. Planet bullet 2
    Living style guides and documented component library
  3. Planet bullet 3
    Functional and unit tests with measured code coverage
  4. Planet bullet 4
    Component-based architecture
  5. Planet bullet 5
    Continuous integration
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Why do businesses choose FatCat Coders?

01We have a track record of building high-profile and amazing web and mobile applications
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02We use component based architecture, fully cover our apps with automated tests, and have a strong deployment process in place
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03We’re practical and don’t over engineer our code
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04We’re reliable and committed to delivering the very best service!
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Featured blog posts

Cat standing in front of code snippet

We’d just received a great offer from a big new client! Exciting news, but the client was new, and there were some technologies that our programmers hadn’t yet mastered. The next step was to find the best way to educate our developers. Feeling that a mixture of fun and games was the best way forward, we came up with a React Native Programming Challenge. In this post, you’ll discover how we organized the learning process, what we got from it, and why we recommend that you try this method within your own strategy for learning.

November 15, 2021 ・ 14 minutes read