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Aleksa Stević

React/Node.js Developer

4+ years of experience
Aleksa Stević FatCat

Part of FatCat Coders since:
October 2018

Aleksa is an experienced developer with over 4 years of expertise in React, React Native, and Node.js development. Whether working in a team, leading small teams, or as a sole developer his stack expands also to Tailwind, Nest.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and other related technologies. From project specification to the final stages, his previous projects encompass SaaS, e & m-commerce, healthcare, finance, and even conversational AI. On the latest in-house project Aleksa utilized Slack API, OpenAI API, and Bolt SDK.

Web&Mobile DevelopmentProject SpecificationReact.jsReact NativeNode.jsNest.jsJam StackJavaScriptTypeScriptGatsbyNext.jsStyled ComponentsTailwindHeadless CMSPostgreSQLMySQLMongoDBContentfulSlack Apps (Slack Bolt SDK)OpenAI

FatCat Work Experience

CatBot (internal project)

December 2023 - ongoing

  • CatBot is an internal project developed by Aleksa to enhance the daily needs of the FatCat Coders in various departments integrating the Open AI Chat Bot into Slack.
  • Developed a solution and executed it for integrating the Open AI Chat Bot into Slack for internal use at FatCat Coders.
  • Created and implemented features including direct messaging, multi-person chats, image generation, and link reading.
  • Regularly maintained and improved the tool in collaboration with the team.
  • Creatively enhanced internal operations across various departments (development, marketing, design, recruitment, etc.).
Main tech stack


May 2023 - December 2023

  • Wio is an intelligent financial platform that connects you with the right network, services, and support.
  • Designed and implemented four entirely new pages using React and Gatsby for the front end, and Contentful for the back end.
  • Created Content Types in Contentful for existing pages and conducted general maintenance tasks.
  • Worked independently and directly with Wio designer and project management team.
Main tech stack
Testimonial stars
“I really like working with Aleksa. Not only did he develop an exceptional website for us, but his commitment to promptly addressing our needs post-launch truly sets him apart. Aleksa’s expertise and responsiveness have been invaluable to us.”

Project Manager @Wio

FatCat Coders Website (internal project)

May 2023 - September 2023

  • Led a technical team of three developers to develop the FatCat Coders website from scratch, utilizing JamStack and transitioning from Gatsby to Next.js.
  • Mentored a new hire and facilitated their onboarding process, while also sharing knowledge on an important internal project.
  • Took responsibility for implementing the design system and components, and created entire website pages using React, Gatsby, and Contentful.
  • Led code review sessions and oversaw the project from research and development to production and launch.
Main tech stack

Fox Vision

March 2023 - May 2023

  • Fox Vision is an advertising company specializing in the food industry, specifically tailored for tablet displays to address the advertising needs of food delivery companies.
  • Collaborated with the rest of the FatCat Coders team, including our designer and developers, to set up the overall React application and tablet application.
  • Integrated features for 'thank you messages' post-email verification.
  • Made adjustments to the mobile application and autonomously resolved bugs on the back-office platform.
  • Presented a complete server infrastructure in the form of a drawn diagram.
  • Independently addressed numerous client issues and bugs promptly.
Main tech stack
ReactPostgreSQLReact NativeNest.js

elopage Website

February 2023 - March 2023

  • elopage is a SaaS tool designed for entrepreneurs to establish, oversee, and expand their digital ventures encompassing digital products, online courses, memberships, tickets, and digital services.
  • Implemented a login feature meeting the client's requirement for WordPress plugin proficiency.
  • Worked closely with the elopage backend team, offering expertise in both backend and frontend development, filling the gap in WordPress knowledge to enhance the main site.
  • Collaborated with 2-3 of the client's backend developers and a project manager.
Main tech stack

Shapa App

July 2022 - December 2022

  • Shappa is an app that encompasses daily tasks according to your dog, vaccination calendar, and notifications about thrown poison, as well as other related important pieces of information for you and your pet.
  • Collaborated with another developer from FatCat Coders to create the application, taking charge of the overall front-end development.
  • Worked within a team of 6 FatCat Coders developers to develop an app from scratch, tailored for managing daily tasks specific to pets, a vaccination calendar, and notifications.
  • Primarily utilized React Native for frontend development and contributed to backend development.
  • Actively engaged with the FatCat Coders team throughout the development process, from conceptualizing product design to orchestrating a successful full product demonstration.
  • Provided backend support for adding new features, including creating user profiles, adding pets directly to the application, connecting with other users in groups, setting locations on a map integrated with Google Maps, and sharing with other users to navigate pet-friendly spaces and identify potential dangers. Also, responsible for bug fixing.
Main tech stack
React NativeNest.jsPostgreSQL
Testimonial stars
“Aleksa never considers anything too difficult. He handles everything successfully, never says something misleading, and communicates clearly.”

Head of Creative @Direct Media


September 2021 - June 2022

  • Pamono is a one-of-a-kind marketplace and magazine specializing in distinctive design objects and the stories behind them.
  • Responsible for React Native development for the client, working in direct collaboration with their backend developers.
  • Addressed application bugs for the unique marketplace and magazine.
  • Upgraded React Native and its dependencies to successfully modernize the legacy app code base, ensuring compliance with new platform policies such as Meta (Facebook), and enhancing application stability and performance.
Main tech stack
React Native


May 2021 - December 2021

  • A call-tracking product that transforms calls into actionable data, allowing you to monitor calls, texts, forms, and chats as effortlessly as tracking clicks.
  • Diagnosed and resolved bugs on the API backend, including improving the functionality that tests user integration with CallRail on their website to ensure it works correctly and consistently.
Main tech stack

ProvideHealth (Vitamed)

March 2021 - May 2021

  • ProvideHealth is an App created by doctors that offers custom product selections for your health needs.
  • Assisted in developing a mobile application focused on providing medical assistance, collaborating within a team of 3-4 members from FatCat.
  • Designed screens for login and sign-up functionalities within the mobile application.
  • Mastered React Native and provided valuable expertise to ensure the success of the project.
Main tech stack
React Native

Southern Title Calculators

February 2021 - December 2021

  • The closing costs calculator is used for estimating closing costs for a real estate purchase or refinance.
  • Created two different plugins for calculators: Property Tax Calculator and Closing Costs Calculator, using React.
  • Developed advanced admin pages for managing plugin options and customization as part of the WordPress admin panel.
  • Directly collaborated with the client on platform development and expanded the WordPress backend to accommodate additional pages and functionalities for the back office.
Main tech stack


January 2021 - May 2021

  • A customizable widget that helps you get more customers from your current website visitors.
  • Developed the back office and Client Dashboard for ConvertMore, collaborating with the FatCat Coders team to fix bugs and implement API endpoints.
  • Contributed to feature additions and bug fixes throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Worked collaboratively in a team of 4 to 5 developers from FatCat Coders, overseeing the end-to-end development, QA, and release process.
  • Resolved an issue where the call request URL was not being collected and addressed a validation problem within the API
  • Implemented AWS Lambda functions to manage the auto-recharge functionality
  • Introduced functionality allowing admins to unblock users blocked due to debt
  • Added functionality for the call widget to retain UTM parameters across pages on the user's website, ensuring successful tracking of UTM parameters in their dashboard when initiating a call.
Main tech stack
ReactExpressNode.jsAWS Lambda

Spirit Hills Winery

January 2020 - January 2021

  • Spirit Hills crafts a variety of seducing flower wines including red, white, rose, sangria and mulled wine.
  • Implemented functionalities for the Spirit Hills Winery website, with a focus on expanding the e-commerce platform to cater to regular and premium customer tiers.
  • Developed Wine Club functionality, enabling users to create accounts with varying discounts based on their loyalty level (e.g., premium users).
  • Collaborated closely with the core client team throughout the project to ensure alignment with their vision and requirements.
Main tech stack
Testimonial stars
“I trust Aleksa and love working with him. His reliability and transparency ensure seamless collaboration, as he consistently delivers beyond expectations.”

Founder & CEO @Spirit Hills Winery

Kalkulator Kredita

October 2020 - November 2021

  • Credit calculator for approximate calculation of installments for home, cash, consumer, auto, and all other types of loans.
  • Enhanced features and user experience for the calculator product widget.
  • Added a dropdown feature allowing users to choose different types of credit, each differentiated by interest rates, minimum and maximum loan amounts, currency, and other credit-related properties.
  • Worked independently, engaging directly with the project team to ensure seamless integration of new features.
  • Developed features without relying on frameworks, utilizing clean JavaScript code to facilitate the successful expansion of the product.
Main tech stack
JavaScript (Vanilla)

Film & TV

October 2019 - August 2021

  • IMDb-like platform for Film & TV, providing listings and reviews for movies and television shows.
  • Developed a webpage with user authentication on the film and TV niche platform as per designer specifications.
  • Implemented React concepts and created components
  • Acquired proficiency in React utilization during project execution.
Main tech stack


  • Bachelor studies in Computer ScienceUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of Mathematics


  • English
  • Serbian


  • Playing billiards
  • Watching movies
Aleksa Steić
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