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Empowering Calendly with top-quality engineers

Explore the customer story to learn how our collaboration with Calendly expanded from 1 to 10+ developers across four different teams.

Tech Stack:
React, Node, Ruby on Rails, QA
Partnership duration:
4.5+ years
Joined teams:
4 (including core app team)
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Why hire through FatCat Coders?

We guarantee work–proven developers exclusively available to you full-time, integrated into your team, and you retain complete control over the project.

Save your time

Our model allows you to easily scale your team within 24 hours, without the extended time-to-hire.

Full team integration

Your chosen developer is exclusively dedicated to your project and can be treated as your in-house colleague.

In–house quality

Our staff has regular performance reviews and stays abreast of the latest industry trends via our development program.

Easy budgeting

Our flexible model enables you easier budget planning, based on your current and long-term needs.

Risk-free arrangement

With full confidence in our developers, we offer a 30-day trial period with the option of free cancellation, allowing you to experience their skills firsthand.

Reliable developers

Before working with you, each developer is required to prove their skills through a direct engagement with us for at least 3 months.

I appreciated the FatCat Coders' dedication to quality, timeliness of the work, and ability to be flexible to meet our needs. Their level of responsiveness and engagement was wonderful.

Head of Engineering @ Calendly

What do you mean by “hiring”?

If you're wondering whether we operate like a traditional staffing agency or exclusively handle the hiring process on your behalf, the response is — we do both. We combine the best of both worlds, providing you with developers with proven expertise to seamlessly extend your workforce.

We provide a comprehensive turnkey solution that meets a wide range of your needs for full-time employment, covering equipment, training, and administrative support. Your sole concern is effectively managing your new team member(s) directly for your projects.

To provide a clearer understanding, here is an overview of roles and responsibilities in our collaboration.

ResponsibilityResponsibilityFatCat managesFatCatYou manageYou
Legal & operations
Legal, payroll, and administrative work
Employee onboarding
Employee offboarding
Office space and home office work necessities
Work Organization
Management of day-to-day employees’ workload
Managing employee’s tasks, projects, and teams
employee benefits
High-quality home office equipment
Private health insurance for the employee and their family
Teambuilding and other team events
Additional motivational benefits
learning & development
Courses and education
Performance reviews
Care of employee satisfaction
Career development

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