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In just a few steps, you can select the developer you want to collaborate with. Following a meeting with us, and the chosen developer via call, you can commence work within a day.

The 30-day trial period is a quality assurance guarantee we provide to our clients. During this one-month period, you have the option to cancel collaboration with us at no cost
if you're unsatisfied after experiencing our services firsthand.

However, if you find our services satisfactory, payment will be based on the agreed price for the duration of our ongoing collaboration.

Our developers operate remotely from Serbia, but we have an office in Belgrade (capital
city). This setup offers our developers the best of both worlds, fostering strong relationships, and team spirit, and facilitating team knowledge-sharing sessions.

Concerning client collaboration, FatCat Coders exclusively operates remotely, with our developers available to you virtually. Nevertheless, you are more than welcome to be our guest in Belgrade.

Certainly! Our team members are fluent in English. Furthermore, Serbian developers highly value this skill, with Serbia ranking 17th out of 100 countries on the English Proficiency Index in 2019, scoring an impressive 61.30.

We have specifically foreseen the one-month trial period for this purpose. Although our developers are carefully selected and have proven their skills through completing
challenging in-house projects, we understand your need to ensure that your new colleagues are prepared for the specific requirements of your project and working methodology.

Furthermore, the one-month trial is designed not only to uphold our quality guarantee but also to allow you to confirm whether the developer you selected is truly aligned with your current needs. This involves meeting them, further assessing their cultural fit, and conducting any other assessments you deem appropriate Certainly, in this scenario, the option for free cancellation during the one-month trial period is available, as well.

The profiles you see on the page are updated in real-time, indicating our developers's immediate availability to commence work.

Once you make a selection, we initiate our swift process. We acknowledge the urgency of finding the right match promptly and aim to facilitate this for your convenience.

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