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FatCat Benefits - Designed for Wellbeing and Growth

At FatCat, our aim is to prioritize wellbeing, happiness and work-life balance. By creating a culture that supports these aspects, we offer our clients a chance to work with highly motivated employees who are constantly inspired to bring their A-game and contribute to the success of the project.

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FatCat News

These days, keeping employees happy and content with their job means more than just a solid wage and decent working conditions. A healthy work environment and strong employee benefits have been found to be highly beneficial for motivation, and motivation in turn improves productivity and performance. 

At FatCat, our aim is to prioritize wellbeing, happiness and work-life balance. By creating a culture that supports these aspects, we offer our clients a chance to work with highly motivated employees who are constantly inspired to bring their A-game and contribute to the success of the project. 

What’s best, we take care of all that - it’s an all-around solution that doesn’t require any benefit-related engagement on the client’s part. 

The pillars around which we build employee happiness include: 

  • Work-life balance (six-hour net work day, remote work, flexible hours)

  • Opportunities for learning and growth

  • Private health insurance (with family coverage)

  • Employee events

  • An attractive set of extras

Flexibility and Remote Work for the Perfect Work-Life Balance

The famous work-life balance is something of a working man’s holy grail. It’s so important to master it, and yet so difficult to meet. 

At FatCat, we believe that the crucial ingredients for a quality work-life balance are:

  • Flexible working hours

  • Six-hour work day

  • Flexible location.

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working hours mean that employees are not bound by the 9-5 schedule. Rather, they have the liberty to start and finish their working day at the hours that best fit their productivity rhythm. 

Some employees need more short breaks during working hours, some need less. Some thrive in the morning, some reach their productivity peak in the afternoon. 

With FatCat, employees are expected to be available for communication between certain hours (10 AM to 4 PM CET). Still, it’s totally okay if during that time they reduce their availability for short periods - as long as it’s properly communicated. 

Six-Hour Work Day

We believe that there’s no need to impose the eight-hour work day on employees at all costs. Instead, we offer a six-hour net working day as the monthly average.

What this means is that on some days you can work fewer hours, and then make up for them by the end of the month, at the pace that’s best fit for you at the moment.

The six-hour net work day means focusing on quality, not longer hours. With this model, employees can get off work sooner, instead of waiting for their eight-hour quota to end so they can go do other things.

They also have the freedom to arrange those hours so they fit their private life. This means better performance, sharper focus, better motivation and, of course, better work-life balance.

Flexible Location

Our employees can choose where they want to work from: from the office, from their home (remote work), or a combination of the two (the hybrid model). 

The benefits of getting to choose where you’ll work are obvious. But remote work also makes sense from the business side of things. 

Studies find that working from home can increase employee productivity up to 77% and performance up to 13%. Remote work also means better employee satisfaction, which in turn reduces attrition by a staggering 50%. 

Health, Support and Wellbeing for Everyone - and Their Families

“The first wealth is health,” they say. That is why health benefits constitute one of the most important pillars of workplace wellbeing. 

Absenteeism isn’t the only reason, or even the most important reason why employees need to have adequate health benefits. And it’s also not just about the sick leaves. Those are easy to manage and the costs they incur are easy to track. However, poor health or health concerns cause productivity lapses and those are not good for either side. 

Workplace Wellbeing - Mutual Benefit

It’s not okay to “tough it out” when you’re not feeling well. And no one should ask that from you. It’s not good for business, either. Presenteeism - coming to work but not actually working or being productive -  accounts for $150 billion in costs for U.S. companies alone, each year, as reported by the Harvard Business Review

Working in an environment that lets you know it’s okay to not be one hundred percent well one hundred percent of the time instills a sense of belonging and being taken care of. And there’s no productivity incentive better than that. 

Private Health Insurance

At FatCat, all our employees receive private health insurance with an extensive range of services that are easy to reach quickly, whenever they’re needed. 

What’s more, family members can also be included in the coverage, which is extremely important for young families with children, or those planning to have children. There’s absolutely no reason to have to choose between parenthood and career. With FatCat, employees get full maternity coverage for: 

  • Pregnancy 

  • Childbirth

  • Maternity period

  • Two-week parental leave for dads. 

Constant Growth Through Learning and Development 

Training and development opportunities have been identified as positive factors for employee retention, especially among the younger demographics. No one wants to stay at a job where they feel stuck or like their potential isn’t being nurtured. 

A stimulative workplace learning environment is associated with a higher level of fulfillment of basic psychological needs, as studies have shown. In simple terms, this means happier employees and, consequently, better workplace results. 

That’s why at FatCat we offer a range of opportunities for employees to expand their skill set: 

  • Access to the Udemy library 

  • Additional materials and courses on demand 

  • Knowledge-sharing sessions between teams.

In addition to learning from each other and complementing each other’s expertise, these sessions also serve to create a stronger bond between teams, something that’s been proven to boost both employee satisfaction and retention. 

Employee Events for Better Team Communication and Trust 

We are, by nature, social animals. We need each other to grow and thrive. And we also need each other to work better. At FatCat, we understand the importance of creating strong bonds between employees. Even with remote work, we make sure to regularly create opportunities for our employees to come together and simply have a good time, be it a round of beer or a game of pool, in addition to the regular team-building activities. 

But for us it’s not just about having fun. It’s also very important to give back to the community and to our environment. Our activities regularly include recycling and environmental awareness events, as well as various charity causes. 

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Perks and Extras That Fulfill Employee Needs

At FatCat, our goal is to identify and accommodate our employees’ common needs and offer a set of perks and extra benefits that help them work better. 

Because FatCat offers the hybrid model of work (in office, remote, or both combined), we make sure all employees get everything they need in practical terms: 

  • Comfortable premises - Our offices are designed to provide maximum employee comfort for focused and undisturbed work. Employees wishing to work from the office can enjoy our spacious terrace, snacks, coffee, tea, etc.  

  • Pet-friendly workplace - You don’t have to worry about your furry friends being all alone while you’re at work

  • Home expenses budget - Empowering employees to set up a home workstation that motivates and inspires their best work

  • Legal advice - Our legal advice service team helps all involved parties navigate the specific legal requirements between international candidates and clients. 

Employee Satisfaction - We Got You Covered

Basing our culture on the strong belief in the importance of employee satisfaction, we help connect happy talent with the clients that need them - and without any effort on the client’s part. 

Whether you’re looking for a supportive, dynamic work environment that puts your needs front-and-center, or a talent provider that works to keep the employees happy and thriving - give us a buzz. 

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